Alex Smith

Trusted Duke Expert

Alex Smith moved with his family to North Carolina in the midst of one of the richest times to be a Duke fan, the mid-90s. So naturally, as an iconoclast he chose to root for UNC. However, when it came time to go off to college in 1993 he must have been convinced by all the nice brochoures because although he never stepped foot on the campus up to that point, he chose to go to Duke sight unseen, and the rest, as they say, is history. You can reach him at alex@bluevsblue.com. Affiliation: Duke Blue Devils.


Duke 2013-14 Position Previews: Small Forward


We dive into our third installment of way-too-early looks at Duke's three men for next year. The Devils are going to find out what it's like to 'have wings' again.

Bracket Challenge Update


We've perfected the scoring of NCAA Brackets. Only a few games left but the 2013 title is still up for grabs.

Insider Info for Duke vs MSU from The Only Colors


The first step in any battle is to know your enemy. So Chris Vannini, editor at The Only Colors (MSU blog) stopped by for some Q&A with the Duke contingent at Blue vs Blue. Get the straight scoop

BVB Tourney Challenge: First Weekend Update


The wildest weekend is behind us and the numbers have been crunched. Check out the results.

Blue vs Blue Bracket Challenge: Scoring Perfected!


Doing our best Jay Bilas impression, the scoring of our Bracket Challenge is unquestionably the best we have yet encountered. People should be rewarded appropriately for picking against chalk. Come...

South Region Breakdown: Even-Handed Strength


The South Region will likely have the most even distribution of Final Four picks as brackets get filled out. Hear what the Blue vs Blue editors have to say about this bundle of title contenders.

Ryan Kelly's Performance vs Miami: Just how Epic?


Coach K created some buzz when he said considering the circumstances, Ryan Kelly's performance vs Miami last Saturday may be the greatest performance by a Duke player in Cameron... Ever. So was...

Both Sides of the Rivalry Weigh in On Round 1


Well it wasn't an instant classic, but another chapter of The Rivalry was written last night. No need for recaps - if you're a fan you saw the game - but as always there are some questions to be...

How the Heels can Slay the Devils


It's rivalry week. You can taste the hatred in the air as old grudges are dragged out of the wings and onto center stage. Here's some keys to a Carolina victory... from the Dark Side of the Blue.

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