Bart Matthews

Bart Matthews is a graduate of Duke Unversity ( Trinity ‘96) and has been close friends with Alex and Zeke, dating back to when Alex was at Duke, Zeke’s voice hadn’t changed, and we all had a lot more hair on our heads ( especially the two of them ). He still wonders how that nice young man he remembers could have ended up a Tar Heel, but is grateful to Zeke nonetheless for getting this party started. GTHC!!!! He is an Atlanta native and now a full time resident of Durham, NC. You can reach him at bart@bluevsblue.com. Affiliation: Duke Blue Devils.


Duke in 2013-2014 : The Center Position


We take a brief look at what the 5 position might look like for Duke next year.

Duke Position Preview for '13-'14 : Power Forward


The Duke brain trust breaks down the 4 spot for next year's team.

Boo Williams Recap Part 2 : A Look at 2015


Gazing out into what may be the future of Duke and UNC basketball...

UNC : When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong


UNC does some strong work in the undeservedly-patting-yourself-on-the-back department

Boo Williams AAU Recap Part 1: The 2014 Recruits


A couple of brave souls from the Blue vs Blue family spent more hours than they'd like to admit watching future college stars at the Boo Williams Invitational. In our first segment we profile the...

Duke 2013-14 Position Previews: Shooting Guard


In our second installment of ever-so-early previews of '13-14 the BvB braintrust tackles the 2-Guard position out look for the Blue Devils

Duke 2013-14 Position Previews: Point Guard


First in a series where we break down the Devils of next year one position at a time.

Four Perspectives on the 2012-13 Duke Season


The Duke Editors at BbB voice their opinions of the Duke season that was.

3 Non-Seth Related Reason Duke Beat MSU


Duke wouldn't have won the game without the efforts of number 3, but what else did they do to advance to the Elite 8 ?

SB Nation's MSU Blog weighs in


A Spartan perspective on Duke's Sweet 16 Win

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