What Is J. J. Redick Really Worth?


One of college basketball's best players--and one of the NBA's most mediocre--now finds himself at the center of one of the off-season's biggest trades. So, how valuable is J. J. Redick?

Stand Behind P. J.


Unless image trumps substance and appearance trumps truth, there's no reason P. J. Hairston shouldn't be given a second chance.

P. J. Hairston Enters Chapel Chill


They say the grass is always greener in Chapel Hill. Here are six Tar Heels who would likely agree.

Good Problems Still Problems for UNC, Duke in 2014


You're Roy Williams or Coach K, it's February, and you're paring a lineup down to a core seven or eight guys--who do you take?

Measuring Marcus Paige


Marcus Paige came on strong for the Heels in the latter half of his freshman season, but how does his rookie year measure up to those of other notable Tar Heel point guards?

16 Years of UNC Basketball: More Sweet Than Bitter


Over the past 16 seasons, North Carolina has faced greater challenges than perhaps any other elite basketball program in the country, but that hasn't prevented the Heels from maintaining an elite...

Tougher 2013-14 ACC Slate: Duke or UNC?


As the Tar Heels and Blue Devils both look to run the new ACC gauntlet, we wonder who got the tougher deal.

A Carolina Guy's Response To Chuck Klosterman


Chuck Klosterman is one of the most insightful and entertaining pop culture writers around. Which made it all the more disheartening to watch him fall victim to one of the all-time great Duke...

UNC, Duke McDonald's All-Americans Talk Rivalry


The newest initiates to the Tobacco Road rivalry--Jabari Parker, Matt Jones, Isaiah Hicks, and Kennedy Meeks--talk recruiting process, former fanhood of new-sworn enemies, and...Marshall Plumlee?

Duke, UNC, and the 2013 Success-Meter


Duke and North Carolina entered the 2012-13 meat grinder with very different expectations, only to churn out some not-so-disparate results.

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