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Morning Roundup: Great Day for Duke Makes Bad Day for UNC Fans Even Worse

That headline is a bit of an understatement, of course. Finding out that the nation’s number one high school recruit, Austin Rivers, committed to Duke within 24 hours of a thermonuclear bomb being dropped on UNC football in the form of a Yahoo! sports report linking coaches to agents basically turned our day into a turd sandwich. Let’s recap, shall we?

UNC Football:

  • Carolina March makes the case for “What Butch Davis Should Have Known and When He Should Have Known It.” Seems like might be excused for not knowing about the summer trips by Austin, but the extracurricular money John Blake was getting is where the waters get pretty murky.
  • Tar Heel Fan recaps UNC’s reaction to the Yahoo story, which raises lots of questions about whether the Carolina athletic department is sloppy, sneaky, clueless, or maybe some mix of a little bit of all of those and more.
  • Butch Davis did spend plenty of time addressing the media yesterday, saying he has no plans to resign. For the time being, Dick Baddour has given Davis the program’s full support, which I think is the right thing to do. It also feels like something that could end up getting them both fired.
  • At least the news wasn’t all bad, as starting safety Da’Norris Searcy was cleared to play this weekend against ECU. Word is also that a number of other players are supposed to learn their fates within the next 24 hours, as well.

Duke Basketball: