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Two Videos That Will Make Your Day

Hopefully by now you’ve noticed our affinity here at Blue vs. Blue for The Dagger, Yahoo’s college basketball blog - those good boys are doing the Lord’s work. And as if we don’t already give them enough link love, I just had to throw up two videos they posted today that will put a smile on your face and make you yearn for the first official game of the college basketball season.

The first one comes courtesy of Pepperdine University’s Midnight Madness celebration, which I just HAD to post after seeing the Duke contingent of the site refer to a Miles Plumlee dunk as “spectacularly creative” - which, for anyone who’s not a Blue Devil homer, translates to: “Meh. Not bad.” However, the dunking fest put on by Pepperdine’s six-foot-3 junior guard Keion Bell in the video below takes Miles’ dunk, slaps it around a few times, and sends it home begging for its mother. Unbelievable stuff capped off by a dunk where he leapfrogs SEVEN people:

After watching that I rushed to check both UNC and Duke’s schedules to see if either had a matchup with the Waves this coming year, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

And if that didn’t make you smile, this probably will: a college kid who doesn’t even go to Duke (of course he doesn’t) came up with a Duke basketball rap that really provides fuel for both the Duke supporters and the Duke haters. I expected this to be awful but I do have to give the guy credit for it being pretty clever.


Don’t worry Blake, Greg Paulus changed my life, too. After all, I’m the guy that took this photo:

The Dagger, as usual, says it best: “I think Duke haters just saw the signal in the sky for the return of the college basketball season. Bring it on.”