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Marvin Austin Still Hustlin', This Time Off the Field

UNC, you’ve been RickRossed!

WRAL managed to spot this recent shot of recently-dismissed UNC DE Marvin Austin at a Rick Ross concert, seeming really distressed about being let go from the Tar Heel football team. Via Dr. Saturday:

A Raleigh radio producer got ahold of a picture of Austin (background, in the retro green Adidas shirt) onstage with rapper Rick Ross at some point on Mssr. Ross’ ongoing East Coast swing. You may recall that it was from Ross’ track “Sweet Life” that Austin quoted directly – ”I live in club LIV so I get the tenant rate / Bottles comin’ like it’s a giveaway” – in the series of late-night tweets from a Miami club that caught the NCAA’s attention in the spring. Within six months, the subsequent investigation led to Austin’s dismissal from the team; permanent ineligibility for a pair of teammates; at least one game on the bench for a dozen others; multi-game suspensions for high-profile players at AlabamaGeorgia and South Carolina; the resignation of scandal-plagued assistant coach John Blake; the incidental unraveling of a widespread academic fraud scandal; and the descent of a shroud of doom over the entire UNC program as it braces for the fallout.

This just confirms my suspicions all along that the whole NCAA investigation was an elaborate scheme initiated by Rick Ross himself to bring the UNC program down. CURSE YOU, TEFLON DON!!!