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Hittin' the Links...

A few tidbits:

First off, here are Ol’ Roy’s post-game comments ( ironically, from a NC State site) after UNC stomped down 2009 D-2 Champion Barton College, who Duke actually played in the pre-season last year. Just some more sloppy seconds for the Holes, I suppose. Incidentally, the most amazing player ever in the history of the world, Harrison Barnes, didn’t hit double digits in scoring.

And here are a couple of notes on the verbal commitment of 2011 PG Quin Cook to the Blue Devils, including this one, which mentions the momentary, mysterious, and rumor mill stoking DEcommitment/REcommitment of Austin Rivers’ close friend  #2 PG Myck Kabongo from Texas. The timing of all these events is enough to draw rampant speculation from across the BlueDevilTarHeel spectrum, including some ridiculous notions of Coach K “tampering” with Kabongo, who was considering UNC as well.

Finally, I would like to present all and sundry with this great Christmas gift opportunity for the die hard Tar Heel fan of your choice. No doubt we can expect a banner celebrating this achievement to be gracing the rafters of the Dean Dome soon, right next to their trumped up Championship banner.