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Links Roundup: A Legion of Fans Awaits News on a Toe

Duke Related:

  • Blue Devil fans probably are even more eager to hear how bad stud PG Kyrie Irving’s toe injury is now that they watched their team slog through a half of basketball quasi-ineptly without him (see Bart’s game recap below), and the news seems progressively unpromising. Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman initially reported Irving could miss three to four weeks, but Wednesday night Coach K said Irving “could be out a long time” (or even the rest of the season), and as Bart mentioned below, Irving’s tweets today didn’t sound upbeat. I’m not trying to pull a reverse jinx or sound glib, because I genuinely mean this: I hope Irving is ok. It sucks to have your lightning-in-a-bottle PG hampered by something as quizzical as a toe injury. Trust us, we know. Nobody (or at least most reasonable people) wants to see a brilliant talent like Irving go down for the year, even if he plays for your arch-rival. Here’s hoping he just sits a few weeks and comes back… to lose to UNC twice and get knocked out of the NCAA tournament a few rounds too early. (What?? I can’t wish the kid ALL well, he does still go to Duke after all).
  • Meanwhile, looking ahead to future years, looks like Duke will be part of a pretty incredible foursome that are coming together in mid-November to kick off the college basketball season over the next 3 years in the fashion that it truly deserves: with some of the biggest teams in the game going head-to-head right off the bat. The Devils will go round robin with Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan State through 2013 in a kick-off event that’s being dubbed the Champions Classic:

Michigan State will play Duke and Kansas will play Kentucky at Madison Square Garden next season. Michigan State will play Kansas and Duke will play Kentucky at the Georgia Dome in 2012. And Michigan State will play Kentucky and Duke will play Kansas at the United Center in Chicago in 2013.

That’s just awesome news for not just Duke fans, but fans of college basketball in general, who will finally get some tasty “opening day” matchups the sport has always lacked.

UNC Related:

Finally, just a little apology for my absence over the past few weeks here on Blue vs. Blue. Things are returning to normal, and we have a few exciting announcements coming up, so thanks for bearing with us. Stay tuned!