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This Just In: Bad Shooting and Bad Defense Make Winning More Difficult

As of tonight, Duke is the only team with a winning road record in conference play. Not too bad for a team with “road woes.” Nevertheless, there’s little debating that our road performances have often seemed particularly lackluster this year, so I thought I’d take a little look-see at some Home vs. Away numbers for dear old Duke. Here are some of note:

Shooting Percentages for the Big 3          Home          Away          3pt Home           3pt Away

  •  Scheyer                                                   45 %           38%               44%                 34%
  •  Smith                                                       47%            43%               46%                 25%
  •  Singler                                                     44%            35%               43%                 33%

In general, you expect not to shoot as well on the road, but the 3 pt. % drop is quite significant , to say the least. (particularly for Nolan…wow! )

And defensively we are holding opponents to 39% at home (decent) but allowing 47% on the road (yikes!).

It’s hard to draw a lot of conclusions without doing a team by team comparison, but suffice it to say that, as a matter of consistency, you’d like these away numbers a little closer to their Cameron counterparts.