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Duke vs. Va. Tech: Winning Ugly, but Still Winning, By Jingo!

Apologies for the tardy game review, but due to a case of food poisoning and an equally severe case of slacking, my timing is a little off !

Since everyone has read all about the game at this point I will just give bullet points on what struck me, and let brevity be the soul of my wit…

  • Bad Shooting : Cameron Duke looked a lot like Road Duke in this one , shooting a mind-numbing 29% from the field and a stultefying 25 % on 2 point shots. I ain’t a betting man, but if I was, I would wager there are aren’t a whole hell of a lot of D-1 games each year where a team shoots under 30% and wins ( though Duke has done it twice, now, unbelievably). The only way you could pull that off is to play…
  • Great Defense: The Hokies were almost as bad from the field(33%) and were awful from 3 point range (2-15) Nolan Smith played fantastic defense on ACC POY candidate Malcolm Delaney in the first half. Delaney eventually got his points in the second ( Scheyer had to D him up for the majority of the half due to Nolan’s 3 fouls) but finished 5-19 fron the floor.
  • Brian- Freaking- Zoubek : what can you say? the man finished with 16 rebounds( 8 offensive) in 29 minutes and had a huge momentum building 3 -point play at 7:50 in the second half with the game tied. Duke won this game using a 27-6 advantage in second chance points, thanks to the rebounding efforts of Z and Singler
  • Hot Singler : 25 points and 10 boards. His last two games he’s 14 of 31 from the floor, 8-16 from 3 and has 21 rebounds
  • Cold Scheyer: 4-19 from the floor. Here’s an ugly series of numbers - his last 2 games he is 7-34 from the floor and 6-21 from 3 point range which means he is 1-13 on 2 point shots. yuck.

I will add in closing that , while i can’t stand the man ( his “Buffoon” comment his latest addition to a compendium of idiocy he’s compiled), Seth Greenberg consistently does more with less than just about anybody in the league. He’s kind of like the anti- Roy Williams ! Seth coaches a unique brand of disciplined thuggery ( didn’t know it was possible? Hokie-hokie-hokie high !!!) that keeps his teams legitimately competitive.

Bring on the Golden Hurricanes ! ( let’s just hope we avoid any golden showers in the process)