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Welcome to Blue vs. Blue

To those of you out there reading this blog for the first time, welcome! If you’re still somehow unclear about what we’re all about, perhaps reading the “About Us” page would be a good place to start getting up to speed on our place in the Duke-UNC rivalry, complete with mentions of ancient Chinese warlords and mysterious smoke monsters.

If clicking through provides too taxing, just know that we’re here to chronicle what we believe to be the best rivalry in college sports, and we hope to do it with the attitude of the thinking fan - we’ll still be hurling insults, but hopefully with a little more civility and thought than you’re used to.

And finally, a little explanation of the artwork featured here to the right. This photo was taken on my 19th birthday on the coast of Carolina, when I awoke to the sound of my friends duct taping me into my sleeping bag, followed by them shaving a nice triple mohawk into my hair, dragging me onto the beach, dumping me close enough to the water that I had to wriggle away, then pouring syrup and milk on me and leaving me there to try and get free before the seagulls arrived. A feeling not unlike rooting for this year’s UNC team.

I put that picture up because it was a group of friends from both Duke and UNC that did this to me, laughed about it, documented it with pictures, and still talk about it to this day. It’s nice to know that even though we may be fans of rival teams, there are plenty of things we can enjoy together. Let’s try to make this blog one of them.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope you continue to do so - follow us via RSS or on Twitter, or drop me a line at if you ever need anything.