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Bracket Buster - Blue vs Blue Style

BusterBracketWe will have a more in-depth look at the NCAA tournament in the next day or so, but the thing that always creates the most buzz and causes the most productive work-hours to be lost this time of year is the Bracket. Ah…. the Bracket. Filled with so much promise on a Thursday. Praying to the basketball gods that we are not ready to tear it up before Saturday. But what can I say, its my favorite weekend in sports. The fiance has already been warned that I am not leaving the couch this weekend.

Think you can out-do the ‘brain-trust’ here at Blue vs Blue? Well likely you are right. But there is only one way to prove it. Come join our private group at ESPN’s bracket challenge and see if which of us is more accurate throwing darts at the USA Today Tournament foldout section.

Name: Blue Vs Blue

Password: bluevsblue (pretty crafty eh???)

Note - you will have to create a free ESPN account in order to join the group. Just watch out for those pesky check boxes if you are not a spam lover. Also we will be detailing shortly the actual scoring to be used for our challenge - not the default for ESPN. Basically the difference is we reward people for correctly picking upsets or teams that out-perform their seeding.