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Tournament Challenge Update - Sweet Sixteen

And then there were 16. Its obviously been a wild tournament thus far. There have been a lot of upsets based on seeding - so there have been a lot of points available in our format that rewards correctly identifying those types of games.

Again here is the ESPN page for our group.

And here is the updated Google Document that shows our current scoring.

I honestly haven’t done all the math to see who stands the best chance of winning based on likely scenarios. But here are a few thoughts:

  • The 10 entries with Kansas winning it all are obviously bummin.
  • The major difference in terms of standings is the Gamhenge listing that specifies it was picking a lot of upsets. That entry jumps from 19th in standard scoring to our group leader with the BvB scoring. Obviously the Northern Iowa pick netted a huge gain on the field since no one had that. Also he/she got big points for Cornell and Washington. Conversely the South bracket is done and out West there are very few points available. It is the only entry that didn’t pick a #1 seed - so if W. Virginia wins it all that entry would likely win anyway. I’m curious how this will play out.
  • Tooting my own horn for a moment - I was the only entry with St Mary’s advancing to the Sweet Sixteen (*pats self on the back).
  • Curious if either one of the two entries with Syracuse winning it all can come from behind and win our challenge. That would be a lot of points they can make up on the field.