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Links Roundup: Apparently People Still Don't Like J.J. Redick

The bigger bombshell is this report from the Triangle Business Journal that says an exit strategy is being planned for the embattled Fowler.

The TBJ piece notes Fowler is being given time to find another job, if he would like, before his departure is announced. The “Coach” is under contract until September 2013 and receives a base salary of $280,000 annually.

We can only speculate whether this development is related to the arrival of new chancellor Randy Woodson, but if Woodson pulls the trigger on Fowler, he will be a hero to State fans everywhere. In the 10 years under Fowler’s direction, NCSU has raised tons of money but has little to show in terms of championships as a return on the investment, and State’s non-revenue sports have been a disaster.

First Leslie, and now Fowler. Expect StateFan to stroke out soon since he does not know how to deal with actual good fortune.

  • Tar Heel Fan has some notes from Roy Williams answering questions at one of his stops on the Tar Heel Tour. In summary: expect Zeller to be better, Wear twins to play smarter, Henson to gain weight, and Will Graves to slim down some. Yep, sounds about right.
  • Also via Tar Heel Fan (and a host of others) comes the video below of Roy pumping his fist after J.J. Redick airballed a 3 in the NBA playoffs recently. People sure do make a fuss out of an awfully small gesture:

  • And finally, for some more JJ: some sports reporter from Orlando tries to pull a lame publicity stunt for a column and walks through UNC’s campus wearing a Redick Magic jersey. Good thing the man didn’t try this at College Park or he may not have walked out alive.