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Weekend Roundup: So They Got That Goin' For 'Em... Which is Nice

  • How does a 5-26 team from the Northeast Conference get some national recognition? By assembling what the Sporting Blog calls “The Most Interesting Low-Major Staff in the Nation”, including Dan Hurley, son of legendary St. Benedict’s Prep coach Bob Hurley, who will also bring former Duke PG Bobby Hurley, Jr. along as an assistant. As if that wasn’t enough, Wagner also hired Bill Murray’s son, Luke Murray, as part of their staff. It’s not like they’ll be pulling McDonald’s All-Americans anytime soon, but those names have got to count just a little bit towards recruiting, right?
  • After the Wear Twins’ defection from UNC, looks like some low-post help may possibly be coming in the form of 6-9 PF Kadeem Jack, who is apparently planning a trip to Carolina soon. Jack is one of those raw-but-unpolished types who had planned to spend another year at prep school but now has both Roy Williams and John Calipari knocking at his door, so he may just reconsider his options. Tar Heel fans are crossing their fingers as having another big body, especially one that can rebound and run the floor like Jack, would mean a lot for the Heels’ success this year.
  • Duke tops Jeff Eisenburg’s list of Winners now that the NBA draft deadline has passed, and why wouldn’t they? With Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler returning, there’s little argument with the idea they’ll be favored to repeat in 2011.
  • UNC Men’s Lacrosse earned the 4th seed overall in the NCAA Tournament yesterday, setting up a possible matchup with Duke in the second round, provided the Devils can get past Johns Hopkins, which is a task unto itself. Regardless, UNC has beaten both teams this year so the draw looks favorable for Carolina.
  • Heather Dinich has a wrap-up of UNC’s Spring Football season, which sees some promise for the offensive line, but wonders just how much progress this offense as a unit can actually make - not exactly a great sign for a potential top-25 team.
  • There’s also a wrap-up of Duke spring football, which says that a bowl game may actually be within reach for the Devils. Sounds like a bit of a stretch to me, given that they’re breaking in a new QB who tore his ACL and replacing most of their D-line. Of course, I’m biased, and I have no room to talk given that I watched about a dozen snaps of Duke football last year… but I think Cutcliffe will be lucky if most of his roster survives their matchup with Alabama on September 18.
  • Finally, star Class of 2011 PG Austin Rivers blogs about his recent visit to Duke and seemed to come away impressed. Word is he’s favoring the Devils right now, but he says he hopes to visit UNC within the next month or so, so we’ll keep an eye out for that.