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Jon Scheyer gives transfer the Tommy DeVito treatment

For those of you unsure of what the title of this post is a reference to, Tommy DeVito is the character played by Joe Pesci in the movie Goodfellas. In the movie, Tommy is a mafioso hothead who makes some stupid, brash decisions, somehow manages to make it through them intact, and then just when he thinks he’s about to be “made” (meaning he can’t be touched by rival mob gangs), well…. this happens instead:

Yeah, that one hurt. And Olek Czyz can probably relate; the sophomore forward transferred out of Duke in December after finding himself on the outside of Coach K’s shorthanded rotation, choosing to play for his hometown Nevada Wolfpack instead. Duke of course went on to win the National Championship.

Fast forward to last week, where John Scheyer was hosting a video-game based charity event which also featured a life-size version of this year’s Goodfellas-themed team poster. Rather than leaving Czyz in the picture, the Devils elected to… cut his face out and leave a hole where fans could stick their heads through and pretend to be members of the Blue Devils.

That’s pretty cold, even for Duke. But also: pretty hilarious. Sorry, Olek… you got whacked.

(h/t to the Duke Chronicle)