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Morning Links: Kyle Singler: Basketball Player... Duke Student... and Artist.

It’s two weeks since the NCAA’s investigation team landed on UNC, and still no suspensions handed down. What we’ve been reading in the meantime:

  • Here’s your 2010 Football Preseason All-ACC Team, which includes five Tar Heels Robert Quinn, Marvin Austin, Quan Sturdivant, Kendric Burney and Deunta Williams) and one (!) Blue Devil (WR Donovan Varner). Of, course, the looming question of whether or not Austin will even make it to ACC play remains.
  • The N&O’s JP Giglio does a nice job summarizing what the NCAA typically doles out punishment-wise in cases like the one Carolina is facing. Tar Heel Fan also points out that the Heels’ first four games, which Austin and Little could theoretically be suspended for, are nothing to sneeze at.
  • Aw, how cute, Kyle Singler made another art project after Duke’s big National Championship win. The digital illustration, pictured at right, will appear on the cover of the soon-to-be-released book “Worthy Champions,” which chronicles Duke’s national title-winning 2009-10 season. He’s already working on his next project, a photo collage for Coach K with a “BFFs 4 Eva” theme.
  • Tar Heel Fan’s updates on “UNC Under Seige: Day 13” give us the breaking news that… nothing much is happening.
  • Butch Davis got a lot of attention at ACC Media Day, and of course said nothing about the NCAA investigations. 
  • A really interesting read from ESPN’s Dana O’Neil, who anonymously surveyed 20 high-profile college basketball coaches at the EYBL Peach Jam last week. Most of the coaches seem to think dirty stuff is going on, but no one wants to be the one to rat it out as it might trigger a college basketball apocalypse of finger-pointing and suspensions. I did think it was interesting one coach mentioned North Carolina by name as accusing other programs of cheating when they don’t get a recruit. Wonder if that was intentional or just pulling a big-name program out of the air.
  • A tongue-firmly-in-cheek article about why Roy Williams is already mad at Kyrie Irving. I shudder to think how much more mad he will get next year watching Larry Drew try to guard him.
  • And finally, a nice piece from one of SI’s finest, Joe Posnanski, ruminating on Dean Smith’s legendary memory and the possibility he might be losing it.