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Marvin Austin Suspended Indefinitely

One reader sent us a note recently asking why we hadn’t written anything about the ongoing NCAA and internal investigations involving the UNC football program (by the way, thanks Lloyd, we are getting to it I promise) and the truth is I didn’t really want to write anything because nothing had actually happened, per se. UNC held a big conference for the media that was basically just a chance to hear the equivalent of a press release read out loud, and even as the Tar Heels’ opening game against LSU crept closer and closer, Carolina has dropped not so much as a hint about what might happen. They have shut down media access to players and coaches, they have refused to release a depth chart for the game, and no punishment has been made public. Until now, that is.

Finally, some resolution: defensive tackle Marvin Austin, a major part of the investigation, has been suspended indefinitely… for violation of team rules. Wait, what??

University of North Carolina head coach Butch Davis has suspended senior defensive tackle Marvin Austin indefinitely.

“This decision is not a result of the ongoing NCAA review,” says Davis. “Marvin has violated team rules and has neglected his responsibilities to the team.”

Austin will not play Saturday vs. LSU.

Seriously, we finally find out one of the players is suspended, and it’s for violation of team rules?? Granted, he probably deserved it: WTVD’s Mark Armstrong tweeted that the suspension could be partially due to a post Austin put up on Facebook, but he’s also been skipping classes and dogging it at practice. The kid may have seen the writing on the wall already and started behaving accordingly, which is unfortunate. Here’s hoping we get some more concrete resolution on everything, and soon… gameday is four days from now.