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Weekend Roundup: The ACCpocalypse is Upon Us, and Other Not-So-Surprising News

This past weekend we experienced an annual rite of passage: the ACCpocalypse. It represents, of course, our fair conference collectively crapping the bed by losing to opponents ranging from regular powerhouses Oklahoma and Ohio State (understandable) to D-II program James Madison (incomprehensible, especially for Virginia Tech, supposedly a regular powerhouse themselves). This yearly event usually takes place a little later than the second week of college football, sometimes it’s even permitted to wait until bowl season, but maybe we can just think about it like ripping a band-aid off: better it’s done quickly and painfully than postponing the inevitable and stretching it out too long. Since this post is coming a few days late you’re probably already aware of the ACC’s level of suckitude, but in case not here are a few recaps of the weekend’s action:

Hey, at least UNC wasn’t involved! On the flip side of the rivalry, the Blue Devils certainly were involved in the most entertaining game of the weekend as they lost to Wake Forest 54-48 in what may not be considered a game that embarrassed the conference so much as embarrassed the very concept of “defense.” The two offenses had a feeding frenzy, combining for 102 points, 1,111 yards and 14 touchdowns, 6 of those touchdowns coming in a single quarter. Ironically enough, the highlight of the game was probably this tip-drill interception by Wake in that very same quarter: