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Kyrie Update

Well, here I am again, risking the wrath and ever tightening sphincters of countless Duke cognoscenti by posting “insider” info about Kyrie. Won’t I ever learn?

The latest news from my sources is this: When the injury first occurred, the first Ortho Duke consulted wanted to do surgery immediately. The second opinion that they got was that the nature of the injury was unusual enough that there really was no proven surgical procedure that would correct the issue. So, essentially, surgery had an unknown probability of correcting the problem but a 100% probability of ending Kyrie’s season, whereas immobilization using a cast/boot had the chance to be just as effective a treatment and preserve the possibility of Kyrie’s return ( though, admittedly, his return is a secondary consideration)

The upshot is really more of the same. We, like everyone involved directly with this issue, are in wait-and-see mode for the forseeable future. It certainly doesn’t seem like surgery is imminent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his return before season’s end is any more of a surety.