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Heels Lose Reggie Bullock for the Year, and Other News of Note

Another tough piece of news for UNC yesterday, as freshman Reggie Bullock will officially miss the rest of the year after tearing the lateral miniscus in his left knee, which will need surgery. It’s a tough break for a kid who already had a couple of them this season (getting injured just as he was about to crack the starting lineup, and losing a grandmother he was very close to) and depletes Carolina’s perimiter rotation slightly, but as HeelsGeek and Tar Heel Fan both point out, it could slightly benefit UNC as Bullock hadn’t exactly been giving them quality minutes the past month:

It’s true that Reg does work out there. But here’s the one stat you need to know as it pertains to his injury: 6-37. That’s what Reggie Bullock is shooting in his last seven games. [That’s] 16 percent.

Basketball possessions are precious — that’s why Coach Smith, who counts among his other titles Godfather of Basketball Nerd-dom, started tracking points per possession more than 50 years ago. And you just can’t end 84 percent of those precious commodities with a missed shot. You just … can’t.

I’ll agree that physically it was nice to have a guy who could hold his own on defense and rebound well, but most of his minutes will likely go to Justin Watts, who can replace those traits without needing touches on the offensive end, and Leslie McDonald could stand to see more court time, as well, which is good news after seeing some nice flourishes from him lately. It’s not that Bullock is a bad player, but he’s clearly been laboring under a nagging injury for several weeks now and the decision to shut it down and wait for next season is definitely the best choice for his long-term future. That decision just happens to possibly benefit UNC as a team in the short-term, as well.

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