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Bracket Challenge Update

Well I’m not sure what I may do in the years to come if this site continues to grow. I just spent 2 hours adding up all 40 entries in our bracket challenge by hand. Not so much fun. It did however generate some interesting results.

In a twist of fate that I would not have predicted, yours truly is actually in first place. I welcome anyone to do the math to double check me - it is not only possible but likely that I could have made a mistake. But not to worry sportsfans, I lost 3 of my 4 Final Four Teams this weekend, so I ain’t gonna win nothin.

Here is the link to the Google Doc with the full breakdown.

Some general notes:

  • I guess we haven’t learned our lesson about the Panthers. I believe Bart’s exact words to me were, “I am never ever ever picking them again. Ever. F-those guys.” Well said my friend. Only 1 entry had Pitt loosing in the 2nd round. (*note: F-you NCAA, I’m still calling it the second round)
  • The Southwest Bracket screwed most people up equally with three double digit seeds advancing. I am now kicking myself badly for not sticking with my first instinct taking Richmond over Kansas. (I changed my bracket literally minutes before Thursday’s tipoff) I don’t know if they will actually win, but it would have meant a bundle of bonus points that no one else would have gotten. 
  • There was one entry picking SDSU to win it all - which if it comes to pass would carry it’s owner to the BvB challenge title. Course (s)he also picked Carolina to make it to the Final Four, and we know that ain’t gonna happen. I mean perhaps Marquette will do their best FSU/Miami/UW impression and collapse enough down the stretch to give the Heels the game, but Ohio State won’t. Will they??? Maybe its just in the water.
  • I remain cautiously optimistic that I will at least finish in first among the BvB editorial staff. (the resident new guy, Rob, has the best chance to beat me.) Of course this isn’t saying much when one of the people I am talking about beating is my dear friend Bart - who is dead last at the moment. *cue the Price is Right sound effects: Wah wa wa wahhhhrrr.