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The Quandary for Duke Fans

I would like to take an informal poll of our Duke readership.

It is entirely likely that IF ( heaven forbid) UNC were to win the National Championship, that they would have to beat Duke’s 3 OTHER biggest and most-hated rivals to do it ( UK, UConn, and Kansas), putting Duke fans in the unenviable position of having to cheer for Calipari, Calhoun, and the despised Jayhawks.


Now that’s a Morton’s Fork if ever I’ve heard one ( though we in Duke land would prefer a Sophie’s Choice). As my friend likes to jokingly say ( at least i think he’s joking) the only thing to root for when Carolina plays Kentucky is for the plane carrying the UConn team and all their fans to crash into the venue.

Personally speaking, rooting for the Heels is the anathema of anathemas and supercedes all other hatreds, so I will just have to scrub down in a scalding hot shower after rooting for Cal, Cal, and KU in each of things should work out that way.

So. Who would you root for ?? Are you ABC even when AB includes these jerks ?

On a different note, I should also mention, that while UNC fans have the rivalry right to feel uppity and smug about Duke’s loss, I would caution them not to hurt their arms patting themselves on the back for their own team’s performance. All tournament last year, Duke fans had to listen to the Holes (including our co-blogger Zeke) cry and cry about how easy Duke’s bracket was. Well, beating 3 unranked teams, 2 of which start no players taller than 6’7” and none of which have any sure fire NBA talent, is good enough for the Heels to get to the Elite 8 but isn’t much to crow about. If they can defeat the three despicable teams who will likely lie in their path ( the SEC champ, The Big East Champ, and the Big 12 Champ) they will have earned this one.