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Three Big Reasons Maryland is Leaving the ACC

With the Terrapins on the brink of leaving the ACC for the Big 10, a lot of ACC fans are probably left reeling, given the fact that this wasn't really on anyone's radar as recently as, oh, three days ago. But for anyone interested in why Maryland is exiting stage right, Testudo Times has an absolute must-read on the 3 big reasons Maryland is leaving the conference, including dropping some truth bombs about the conference's overall lack of stability despite the coup of getting Notre Dame this past summer:

With the conference securing a merely average TV deal despite giving away third-tier rights, the likes of FSU and Clemson never bought into the idea entirely, as either fanbase will tell you. FSU in particular never stopped looking longingly at the Big 12.[...] Were either to leave - or, Juan forbid, both - the ACC's brand and financial clout would be hugely, cripplingly undercut. At that point, finances would become a problem in the ACC. The conference would be on its way to becoming the New Big East, and that's something that Maryland, in its precarious position, could ill afford.

The the ACC as the "New Big East"... (*shudders*). As TT points out, the most interesting thing to keep an eye on is whether or not UM will be able to bargain down - or sue their way out of - the $50 million exit fee that the ACC put in place to seemingly make it highly unattractive to leave. If they do, you could be seeing FSU and Clemson headed for the door next.