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Halftime: UNC 49, Miss. St 17

Pretty much a dream half for UNC as the Heels jumped out to a 29-6 lead in the first 10 minutes and haven't looked back. For any Carolina fans that aren't watching this game, though, don't feel overly confident in the stat line: it's hard to tell just how good Roy's team is playing tonight because the Bulldogs are just. that. bad. Shooting 20% from the floor, 1-11 from 3, committing 10 turnovers... yeah, that's a recipe for a blowout. MSU fans may just want to avoid watching this team on the offensive end of the floor - their performance was incredibly listless and they had no semblance of organization either.

Despite the sub-par quality of the opponent, it is certainly notable just how good Carolina has played. They've moved the ball well on offense, executed well in transition, and gotten a lot of different guys involved (eight different Heels have scored so far; five with 7 points or more). Also notable is how well the team has shot the long ball, going 8-14 from distance (57%) with Bullock, Hairston and McDonald going 7-9 between the three of them. If they can continue to be a productive shooting trio, this can be a really fun offensive team to watch... and it's already pretty fun.

Not much to watch for in the second half other than hoping the freshmen get a few more meaningful minutes. This game is pretty much over - time to start scouting Butler already.