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Final: UNC 95, Miss St 49

Not much more to write in this one other than what was said in the first half analysis below. After an initial lull in the first few minutes of the second half, the Heels ripped off a big run to push the lead to 40+ and allow Roy to start tinkering with the lineups and see what he has in his backup players.

Leslie McDonald looked sharp tonight, hitting six 3-pointers for a career-high 21 points and overall the Heels shot head-shakingly well from downtown, finishing 15-31 from 3 on the game. Hopefully they didn't burn all their sharpshooting in this first contest because they are going to have to be a lot sharper going against a Butler team that may not be enormously talented, but you know they will shoot, execute, and play scrappy defense.

The only negatives that stand out are the performance of Marcus Paige, who continues to struggle on offense (1-7, 3 turnovers), and James Michael McAdoo being a little careless with the ball on occasion (4 TOs). Both will need to up their game as the level of competition UNC faces gets a little better over the next couple of days.

Still, nice to know this young Heels team can get into biscuit range.