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Seth Curry's Mouthpiece's Stream of Consciousness Blog: Louisville

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November 25, 2012 12:08AM

Well, folks, we did it again! Beat another Top 5 team! And, once again, I got to see almost the whole game because Seth absolutely refuses to let me protect his mouth. I absolutely love the Fall! It's when we play our best ball of the season. But you know, if we keep playing overranked opponents and Deshaun Thomas, James Michael McAdoo, and Calvin Leslie all suffer wrist injuries, we might actually have a pretty good year this year. We didn't shoot it very well tonight, but I think it was worth all the misses to get that one before halftime. Seth probably doesn't, but I do. Did y'all see my boy Mason Plumlee's Mouthpiece representing at the trophy celebration? He kept getting in the way when Mason tried to say, "Number one." Props, MPM! (He also told me it was his idea to cherry-pick on that one sick dunk.) I was getting a little frustrated when the refs kept calling Tyler, Quinn, and Seth for pushing off, especially when they called it on Seth. I mean, we do that all the time! Why do they choose to start calling it now!? Plus, it's what Coach K tells us to do, and he would never instruct us to do something so disingenuous to manipulate a game. Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter since we were the ones holding the pre-manufactured cardboard victory placard in a confetti storm after the buzzer! (Although, I still don't get why they didn't play "One Shining Moment" this year.) It was nice to see Seth's parents make it down for the tournament. I heard they put up a graphic during the game about how similar Seth's form is to his dad's, but I really couldn't tell what they were talking about cuz when I saw it on TiVo it didn't even look like Dell had a mouthpiece. Oh well, doesn't matter. 2012 has been such an awesome year!! Well, not the losing to Lehigh part of 2012...or the getting knocked out of the ACC tournament so early...or losing the regular season championship to Carolina by 18 points at home...but the Fall portion of 2012 has been great! I hope y'all stay tuned as we claw our way to No. 1! It's like Coach always says, we want to work hard on beating everyone now and working our way to the top of the heap, so that when the season is over the only people we have to worry about beating are ourselves.

See y'all in Columbus!

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