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Call us Obsessed, Call us Crazy... Just Call Us

Alright folks, we're starting up a little something new with Blue vs Blue - in advance of next weekend's podcast, we've created a BvB voicemail inbox that we're asking listeners to call in to and leave us messages to play during the pod. Call the number before, after or even during a game (in fact, that's encouraged) and let us know what you're thinking. That can be anything from pre-game predictions, post-game MVP, or in-game thoughts such as: "Dexter Strickland looks really nice in paisley on the bench," or "Does Ryan Kelly look the way he does because he's taken one too many charges during his career?"

So, the number to call during tonight's big matchup is:

(919) 213-1920

Why that number? Because 1920 is the year this whole Rivalry thing started. (And anything that spelled "Blue" wasn't available).

Give us a call tonight and look for the best messages on the BvB podcast this weekend. As always thanks for reading and thanks for listening.