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Broken Brackets Update

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Do Over?

Both sides of Tobacco road have reasons for somberness this morning, so what better way to drown your sorrows than to take a look at how you did on a hypothetical analysis of a wildly unpredictable series of events?

I've crunched the numbers on the Blue vs Blue Bracket Challenge, and you can take a look at the updated standings HERE.

Congrats to Tapp Gut Picks entry for correctly picking 26 of 32 First Round Match-ups, 3 more than any other entry. That earned the 100 bonus points that is keeping him/her in contention (although the rest of that bracket is not quite as pretty). Our current leader Berberian 1 looks nearly impossible to beat with all Elite Eight teams alive and in my mind the most likely Final Four and Championship game picks (when Marshall injury is factored in that is).  But then Duke fans could tell you something about loosing a star point guard that your team look previously unbeatable...

Some minor oddities and observations:

  • Not a shocker, but no one picked either of the #15's to advance. Two entries had Xavier into the Sweet Sixteen, but only my wife (who knows almost nothing about college basketball) picked Florida.
  • Nearly everyone (see note above) took a beating on Mizzou loosing. They were a very popular Final Four pick.
  • Bonus points in the second round largely came down to if you picked NC State into the second weekend.  ACC Homerism did not help so much in the East Region - not a single Entry had Cincy past FSU.