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Blue vs Blue Podcast Episode 33: A Game of "Would You Rather..."

Having three guys with faces made for radio didn't stop us from turning this into a video podcast. Hopefully it won't stop you from listening/watching!


The past two weeks has both sides of Blue vs Blue playing some not-so-fun games of "would you rather", such as: would you rather be mauled by a wolfpack (UNC) or obliterated by hurricanes (Duke)? Would you rather get blown out by 30 (Duke) or stage a valiant late comeback but still fall short when the game was winnable (UNC)? Would you rather have no bench (Duke) or too many guys in the rotation (UNC)? Would you rather have a few creampuff games coming up (UNC) or some tougher tests on the schedule (Duke) before round 1 of the Tobacco Road Rivalry comes calling? Find our answers to these questions and more - for the first time in Google Hangout form! (We preemptively ask for your forgiveness...)

Watch below, download the mp3 here, or subscribe in iTunes.