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Non-Conference All-ACC

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Streeter Lecka

While the non-conference schedule tells us very little about our conference's teams from a comparative standpoint (even Virginia Tech can look like a force if you play the right opponents), it does give a pretty good indication of who the ACC's major players are going to be. So, here's a list of who to keep an eye on as we enter ACC play, based on statistical rankings in ten major categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FG%, 3FG%, FT%, assist/turnover ratio, and minutes.

Players must have competed in 75% of their team's games to be eligible for rankings. Shooting percentage rankings reflect players who have attempted at least 8 FGs, 4 3FGs, or 3 FTs per game.

Conference rank is in parentheses.

First Team

G Erick Green, Sr.--Virginia Tech
Green is the nation's second-leading scorer, the Hokies are 9-4, and everyone says, "Really?" Really. Green had a game-high 28 in the victory over #15 Oklahoma State; he leads the Hokies in minutes, points, assists, steals, made and attempted FGs, made and attempted FTs, and is second in made and attempted 3FGs; and, he is the only player in the conference to rank in the top 10 in six different categories.

Points: 24.4 (1st)

Assists: 4.6 (4th)

Steals: 1.6 (7th)

FT%: .855 (3rd)

A/T: 1.9 (9th)

Minutes: 35.1 (4th)

G Seth Curry, Sr.--Duke

Along with C. J. Harris and Reggie Bullock, Curry's one of the best all-around shooters in the conference. He's in the ACC's top 8 in 3FG% and FT%, and until the Davidson game he was hitting 50% of his shots from the field. We'll give him a one-game reprieve for having to play in his brother's shadow.

Points: 16.2 (4th)

3FG%: .406 (8th)

FT%: .824 (4th)

F Jarell Eddie, Jr.--Virginia Tech

Eddie's been the surprise performer of the past two-and-a-half months. Blacksburg would love it if their second-best player was All-ACC caliber. Then again, ask Wake Forest how having two top 10 scorers has worked out the past few years.

Points: 14.8 (9th)

Rebounds: 6.8 (11th)

3FG%: .412 (6th)

FT%: .867 (2nd)

F Ryan Anderson, So.--Boston College

There are only two players in the conference averaging 15 and 9, and the other is in the running for National Player of the Year. Of course, doing it against Kentucky, Louisville, and Ohio State is a lot different than doing it against Florida International, Holy Cross, and Dartmouth. Still, Anderson gives the Eagles hope that they won't be in the ACC basement again this season, which is something.

Points: 15.9 (5th)

Rebounds: 9.5 (3rd)

FG%: .511 (9th)

C Mason Plumlee, Sr.--Duke

The only ACC player averaging a double-double, the league's leading rebounder and second-leading scorer with the second-best FG%. That about says it all.

Points: 18.8 (2nd)

Rebounds: 11.2 (1st)

Blocks: 1.7 (5th)

FG%: .634 (2nd)

Minutes: 33.0 (6th)

Second Team

G Lorenzo Brown, Jr.--NC State

Brown's season didn't begin with the breakout party we might have expected, but he's come on nicely as the season's progressed. At his best, he's about one deal with the devil away from being a college version of the NBA version of Rajon Rondo, so we can expect some pretty nice things from him as the season moves forward.

Points: 12.4 (23rd)

Assists: 6.3 (1st)

Steals: 2.4 (1st)

FT%: .780 (8th)

A/T: 1.9 (7th)

Minutes: 32.8 (8th)

G Michael Snaer, Sr.--Florida State

Snaer's production is about on par with Seth Curry, but we give the edge to Curry because of his superior shooting percentages and because Florida State has sucked so far this year. Snaer is one of only two guards to crack the ACC top 25 in rebounding, and is undoubtedly FSU's MVP.

Points: 16.3 (3rd)

Rebounds: 5.8 (18th)

3FG%: .407 (7th)

FT%: .811 (5th)

Minutes: 32.6 (9th)

G/F Reggie Bullock, Jr.--North Carolina

Bullock's been a high-level jack of all trades for the Heels this season, and even Roy says he's been Carolina's best player so far. Not only is Bullock the best three-point shooter in the league, he's also one of its most reliable and defensively disruptive players, ranking in the top 9 in assist-turnover ratio and steals. He also notches over 5 rebounds and 3 assists per game, and does it all in under 27 minutes.

Points: 13.1 (18th)

Rebounds: 5.7 (20th)

Steals: 1.5 (9th)

3FG%: .475 (1st)

A/T: 2.8 (3rd)

F C. J. Leslie, Jr.--NC State

He's the Kevin Garnett to Lo Brown's Rajon Rondo, and like his teammate, Leslie's season started short of expectations before coming on strong of late. You gotta figure one of these guys jumps to first team All-ACC when all is said and done.

Points: 15.8 (7th)

Rebounds: 7.5 (8th)

FG%: .592 (3rd)

C Richard Howell, Sr.--NC State

Howell is five rebounds shy of being one of only two ACC players averaging a double-double, and he's two field goal attempts shy of qualifying for FG% rankings. Even if he missed both of them, his 65.4% would still place him second in the league. Now, if we could just do something about his 30.8% foul-out rate.

Points: 13.3 (15th)

Rebounds: 9.6 (2nd)

Third Team

G Quinn Cook, So.--Duke

Shooting just under 50% from inside and outside the arc and over 80% from the stripe (but lacking enough attempts to qualify for any rankings) and ranking in the conference's top 5 in assists, steals, and assist/turnover ratio, Cook just edges out Miami's Shane Larkin, who's averaging 13.5 ppg to Cook's 10.8. Cook is also one of the league's best rebounding point guards at about 4 per game.

Assists: 5.6 (3rd)

Steals: 1.8 (3rd)

A/T: 2.4 (5th)

G Durand Scott, Sr.--Miami

Scott has missed three games for the Canes this year, but has been a consistent producer when he's in. With Reggie Johnson out for the bulk of ACC play, that production should increase from the senior leader. Watch for him to ensure that he's not snubbed from the All-ACC vote count again this year.

Points: 15.9 (6th)

Rebounds: 5.4 (22nd)

Steals: 1.8 (4th)

FG%: .510 (10th)

Minutes: 36.0 (2nd)

F Travis McKie, Jr.--Wake Forest

McKie seems to consistently hover around the top 10 in scoring and rebounding while his team consistently hovers around last in the league. Look for Virginia's Joe Harris, FSU's Okaro White, or Duke's Ryan Kelly to sneak into this spot by season's end.

Points: 14.5 (11th)

Rebounds: 7.9 (7th)

Steals: 1.9 (5th)

FT%: .772 (10th)

F James Michael McAdoo, So.--North Carolina

For all the flak McAdoo has taken for not stepping up as the star Heel so far this season, he's still one of only four players to rank in the top 9 of the conference in scoring and rebounding (Plumlee, Anderson, Leslie), and he's the only post player in the conference to crack the top 10 in steals. However, he's also second in the conference in turnovers. If he can clean that up and improve his on-ball defense and free throw shooting, he's got a lot to look forward to.

Points: 14.8 (9th)

Rebounds: 8.3 (5th)

Steals: 1.5 (8th)

C Alex Len, So.--Maryland

Len's breakout season seems to be going according to plan. He's scoring points, grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, and shooting a high percentage from the field--everything you'd want from a 7-foot center. Would you believe he's even getting No. 1 Draft buzz?

Points: 13.3 (15th)

Rebounds: 8.0 (6th)

Blocks: 2.3 (2nd)

FG%: .581 (5th)