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Blue vs Blue Podcast Episode 34: THE Rivalry Week Preview

People all over the world, join hands! Start a hate train, a hate train!

Streeter Lecka

Faces have been painted, signs have been made and unspeakable things have been done in tents, all leading up to this: Duke-UNC round 1, 2013, at Cameron Indoor. Before the big game tips off we take a look at the State of the Union for the Devils, Heels and briefly check in on the rest of the ACC (is Miami a legit #1 seed?). Then we break down the Battle for Tobacco Road piece by piece, examining the backcourt, frontcourt and bench matchups and doing our best to blow your mind grapes with our statistics and analysis. We try to figure out under what scenario we could imagine Carolina winning this game, and make our final game predictions. Join us - it's time to feel the hate!

Watch below, download the mp3 here, or subscribe in iTunes.

(editor's note: forgive the first minute and a half, we thought you could see what we were watching on youtube via Google Hangout, but turns out... you're just watching us act like idiots. For reference, we were watching this video to get excited about rivalry week. Carry on people, nothing to see here. Move it along.)