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Blue vs Blue Podcast Episode 36: Cherish the Hate - It's Time for Duke vs UNC, round 2

This time, it's personal! (Well, that's pretty much every time, actually...)


That's right Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for another scintillating cavalcade of insight into the greatest rivalry in college basketball as we approach Round 2 of Duke vs. Carolina. Do the numbers support UNC's putative improvement since the switch to "small ball"? Who the heck is going to guard Ryan Kelly and his beard of wonders? How many licks DOES it take to get the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? All shall be revealed to those intrepid listeners who dare to pick up what we're putting down on the best Duke/ UNC rivalry podcast in the history of recorded time!

Listen below, download the mp3 here, or subscribe in iTunes.