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James Michael McAdoo Misses Practice and Shootaround with Back Injury

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And Carolina's entire fan base collectively said, "oh, crap."


So, not to put too much of a damper on that whole "the UNC-Duke game is going to be awesome" vibe we have going on, but this just appeared on Twitter and is causing a bit of a stir:

McAdoo has been battling some minor back issues the latter half of the season, and the problem was probably exacerbated by a hard fall he took in the second half of the Maryland game on Wednesday. Apparently he has a bulging disk in his back, and Coach Roy Williams was quoted as saying "Yesterday's practice was just shooting, and James Michael McAdoo did nothing. I'm worried about him." You're not alone, Roy.

Obviously if McAdoo can't go that changes things massively for Carolina, who has even more need of some sort of inside presence now that Ryan Kelly has returned for Duke. Obviously missing a shootaround doesn't mean he won't suit up for UNC tomorrow, but it certainly makes for a massive case of collective nervousness in the meantime.