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2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge UPDATE

It's the Final Four that everyone was counting on.... sorta. See just how broken your bracket is below.

Louisville Courier-Journal-USA TODAY Sports

People have been saying all year it was going to be a wacky tournament. Turns out they were right. We are on the the Final Four with a lot of busted brackets out there. Only a handful of entries have a possible champion alive - all of them Louisville. You can see the updated standings of our Bracket Challenge in a Google Document HERE.

Not a whole lot of changes at the top of the standings in our scoring vs standard scoring - that is mostly due to the people at the top all getting the big bonus points available by picking Michigan or Syracuse. At this point the Challenge is a three horse race:

If Louisville goes on to win it all, Eddie19 entry will finish first as the highest qualifier to pick the Cardinals. If Louisville gets to the title game but looses, Real Bracket would get enough points to leap past our current leader SuckitUNC. (who's victory rides on the shoulders of Wichita State)

Other tidbits of info:

  • Not a single entry had the Shockers (not so shocking) or the Orange in the Final Four. Though 3 people did correctly pick Syracuse into the elite eight.
  • There was some savant who had Marquette into the elite eight. (Kudos) They also picked them into the FF (unKudos)
  • I filled out a second bracket (one that I was thinking "If I had to bet money this is what I would write in". It is doing a lot better than my current effort. If I had submitted that one instead - I would have been in the catbird seat with 1000 points exactly and Louisville over Michigan in the Final. Goes to show you - always stick with your second guessing... right?