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Duke & UNC both 8-1 Odds to win 2014 NCAA Tournament

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In other extremely premature news, LeBron James' son is expected to contend for his first NBA MVP in 2030.


Yes, it's ridiculously early. Yes, a lot of the Carolina guys haven't made their draft decisions yet. Caveats, caveats, etc etc. That having been said, Vegas knows it's never too early to look ahead to next year, and it appears RJ Bell of wanted to be first out of the gate in putting up 2014 NCAA championship odds, since it looks like they went up just a few hours after Louisville took the 2013 crown.

Kentucky unsurprisingly opens as the title favorite at 4-1, with UNC and Duke both just behind at 8-1. Naturally that's with the assumption everyone comes back for the Tar Heels (James Michael McAdoo, PJ Hairston and Reggie Bullock) and possibly even with the assumption Andrew Wiggins comes to Chapel Hill. Without Wiggins, I'm not totally sold on Carolina getting odds that high, although I'll admit they're probably a top-10 club with everyone back. With Wiggins, I'm good with both sides of Tobacco Road being in the title conversation. Bell also put NC State in the top 20, giving them 30-1 championship odds, which is clearly just an attempt at a little gamblers' humor or an attempt to fleece Wolfpack fans out of money.

Full list of odds are below, if you're interested:

  • Kentucky: 4/1
  • Duke: 8/1
  • North Carolina: 8/1
  • Ohio St: 9/1
  • Louisville: 12/1
  • Memphis: 14/1
  • Michigan St: 15/1
  • Arizona: 18/1
  • Michigan: 20/1
  • Florida: 20/1
  • Syracuse: 20/1
  • Colorado: 22/1
  • New Mexico: 25/1
  • Kansas 25/1
  • Creighton 28/1
  • Indiana 30/1
  • Kansas St 30/1
  • Marquette: 30/1
  • NC St: 30/1
  • Pitt: 30/1
  • UCLA: 30/1
  • UNLV: 35/1
  • Minnesota: 35/1