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Podcast Episodes

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Episode 28: The 2012-13 ACC Preview Spectacular!

Once a league that was bottom-heavy, the ACC is slowly morphing into... well, still a bottom-heavy league, but with a slightly stockier top and middle. She's still not a looker, but we love her nonetheless.

Episode 27: Mayans Endorse Cutcliffe for Heisman!

In a Blue vs Blue podcast first, we spend a good 20 minutes talking positively about Duke football after their stunning 33-30 win over Carolina. With the Blue Devils bowl eligible, is David Cutcliffe really the runaway candidate for ACC COY?

BvB Podcast Episode 26: Double Trouble

UNC and Duke are both in some hot water (more like lukewarm water, really) over the not-quite-scandals-but-still-slightly scandalous happenings of Tami Hansborough and Lance Thomas.

Episode 25: The Peach Corps

Episode 24: Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

Episode 23: A Plethora of Piñatas

Episode 22: Return of the Mac (and the Mason)

Episode 21: Blue All Over

Episode 20: Misery Loves Company

Episode 19: Lehighs and Le Lows

Episode 18: Save us unto Madness!

Episode 17: So, What Did We Learn?

Episode 16: The Hate Before the Storm